Whether it's a single column beer stripping still or our compact multi-column still, our continuous distillation systems are custom designed and handcrafted to fit your craft distilling needs. Continuous columns provide more throughput at a higher efficiency, often with a smaller footprint, than traditional pot still systems.

  • Produce multiple types of spirits (vodka, whiskey, bourbon, rum, brandy, etc.)
  • Achieve ABVs for low proof up to 95% neutral spirits
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase alcohol recovery rates
  • Improve consistency with integrated automation control

*The color configuration of our stills constitutes proprietary trade dress, and is a trademark of Revival Stillworks Ltd.

Configurations & Features

Continuous Column

Our continuous columns can be used for stripping or, with the addition of rectifying trays, can be used to produce barrel strength spirits like whiskey and bourbon or, with the addition of columns, can be used to produce vodka. Adding a doubler can enhance the flavor of your desired spirits and is common in bourbon columns.

Compact Continuous Column

Continuous distillation is no longer just for large distilleries. Our compact continuous column system provides all the benefits of a continuous column but in a small footprint, low height package. A compact stripping column for low proof spirits or a multi-column still for high proof spirits can increase your throughput in a space with ceiling heights as low as 13’. With the ability to produce up to 95% ABV these systems can be designed to produce virtually any type of spirit.

Our knowledgeable team is here to help. We’ll work with you to design a complete solution for your continuous column system including mash tuns, fermenters, collection tanks, boilers, chillers, and grain handling.

Integrated Continuous Column and Batch Still System

A highly flexibility setup with the capability to produce multiple types of spirits.  Easily expand production with continuous stripping to produce low wines and feed multiple pot still runs each day. Capable of producing multiple spirit types such as column and pot distilled bourbon. Add control over the quality of the final product with the ability to make traditional cuts during a finishing run in the pot still.

  • Flexibility

  • automation

  • safety

Distill Low Proof up to 95% ABV Spirits

Each column is custom built based on the spirit(s) you plan to distill. Revival's multi-column continuous stills can be operated using all three columns to produce 95% ABV beverage alcohol. Alternatively, turn off one or two of the columns to produce low wines or barrel proof spirits. The final column has several draw-off valves to allow the distiller to control the flavour profile and ABV of the collected spirit. The still is capable of accepting grain-in wash or lautered beer, making it easy to integrate into your distillery.


Copper or Stainless


Beer Pre-Heater

Low Wines and High Wines Tanks

Low Wines Condenser

High Wines Condenser

Clean Steam Boilers

Continuous columns are designed to be fed by a continuous feed of fermented mash or beer. They are used by many of the large spirits manufacturers around the world. The most common spirits made using a continuous column are bourbon, whiskey, rum, and vodka. Although these larger traditional continuous columns are great for bigger distilleries, they are generally not well suited to the volumes or varieties of spirits that many craft distillers are producing. To meet this need Revival created the Compact Continuous Column system.